The NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) reported that almost 90% of houses in America are under-insulated. When you did hire the insulator by yourself because you have just moved into this new home, there is a big chance that your house does not have enough insulation, and it needs some additional. Of course, you can rely on the services like insulation companies Richmond VA to do the complete job for you.  


The problem with inadequate and/or failing insulation is that it causes any inconveniences. This is the reason why some homeowners or housing industries install more amount of insulation.  




The following are some of the telltale signs that your home is under-insulated.  


1.High Energy Bills 

One of the advantages of insulation is that it provides good temperature regulation, and reduces your energy consumption. So, if you notice that the energy bills are increased, there is a possibility that your house is not insulated enough and that it needs your HVAC to worker harder.  


2.Cold Walls, Ceilings, and Floors 

One way to find out is to touch your surface of these parts and the interior floors, walls, and ceilings are cold when it is supposed to be warm. When this happens, this means that your house is not getting enough insulation. Alternatively, the exterior walls should also feel cold as the insulation is keeping the warm air inside the interior walls. 


3.Pests in the house 

Having crevices and spaces in between interior and exterior walls is another sign that your insulation is not enough. But the worst part is, these areas are a potential haven for different pests, rodents, and roaches. By mending this and filling up the spaces, you are avoiding openings for cold and warm air at the same time no space for these critters.  


4.Fluctuating temperatures 

The very sign that you have good insulation in your house is that all rooms have the same temperature. So, this means that when the opposite is experienced, your house is not getting the full insulation it deserves.  


5.Water leaks in the attic 

A poor insulation does not just provide high energy bills, welcomes rodents, roaches, and pests, but also welcomes water from the outside. Good insulation that is properly and adequately installed creates a protective barrier against moisture and water coming from the outside. So, when you notice there is water leakage in the attic and moist coming from the walls, your house does not have enough insulation that it needs. 


Final thoughts 

More and more people are installing an additional insulation for the reason that they provide a lot of benefits to the house and to your family. It lowers the energy bills and consumption as it warms the house when it is cold and cools the house when the weather is hot. So whenever you feel inconvenient when it comes to your house’s temperature, this just means that you are experiencing some problem and that your house needs more foam insulation.  


So, what are you waiting for? DO some check-ups and If you feel the telltale signs contact your contractor right away.