Getting a new tenant to move into your property can be demanding for both the landlord and the tenant. But, you can actually make the transition easier by having an itemized checklist that needs to be addressed before you let the tenant move in. This way, you can guarantee that you won’t miss any vital steps. Check out the items below that will discuss the things you should consider to address before getting a new tenant to move into your rental unit:

Complete the needed property inspections

Based on the laws and regulations of your state, the unit may require to get inspected by a home inspector before they can be permitted to have a tenant move in the unit. This inspection is performed so the state can provide you a Certificate of Habitability. Other towns just need this checkup the first time the unit is rented, other towns need it every 5 years and some need it each time a new tenant moves into the unit. Guarantee to learn more and understand about the state regulations.

Gather first month’s security deposit and rent

You need to collect the entire security deposit and the first month’s rent always before letting the tenant move into the unit. But, if the tenant is getting government assistance, then they are exempted from collecting the first month’s rent before moving in.

Review and sign lease with a tenant

You must run through the lease agreement with the tenant clause by clause. This way, you can make sure that they totally understand what they are in for. After answering the questions of your tenants and going over the whole agreement with them, you and your tenant must sign and date the lease agreement.

Search for problems with electrical, plumbing or heat

Prior to a tenant’s move-in day, guarantee to check and guarantee that all of your appliances are functioning and in great condition. Also, you have to ensure that the heat works in all rooms, that the overhead lights and outlets in all rooms are working, and that there are no leaks or clogs in the plumbing. These are the most important areas that tenants need to keep up their quality of life.

Clean the property

It is really important to clean your property when you’re doing a unit turnover. Meaning, there was a previous tenant that lives in the unit. You have to guarantee that it is cleaned well, particularly the spots like the refrigerator, stove, toilet, and tub. Consider to sweep or vacuum to get rid of excess debris and dirt all around the unit. Moreover, your need to have your units exterminated before a tenant moves in even though you haven’t noticed any apparent issue.

Fix any safety and health problems or damage

As a property owner, you’re responsible for maintaining your rental property Before letting a tenant move in, make sure to have all the present damages, safety or health problems at your property fixed and repaired.

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