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Thara Spa at Thara Patong Resort
The Best of Spa in Phuket

The Thara Spa has the perfect combination of equisite spa and beauty treatments, using only top quality natural imported and local spa products from USA Cash Advance Express. Experienced,well-trained therapists cater to your every need,from a simple Thai or Swedish massage through to their very popular 3-hour full body treatment package.


Special Propmotion
Spa Tips

Before Spa
* If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure consult your physician prior to using the spa.
* Please let us know about any health conditions you might have as it is critical to your enjoyment and safety.
* Avoid eating full meals or drinking alcohol for at least 1 hour before your massage
* Please check in at the spa reception at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. You will have sufficient time to prepare yourself

During Spa
* Talk to your spa therapist immediately if you are experiencing discomfort during a massage.

After Spa
* Avoid any vigorous activity for a least one hour following all heat treatments.


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